William R. Morgan Jr. Navy tour 1959 to 1962
USS Tarawa CVS-40, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVA-42

There was snow on the ground when I arrived in Jan. 5, 1959

Front door at Barracks

Marching in the snow

Oh boy, New clothes

Practicing for fire control

Learning how to tie knots

I had a Thompson Machine gun like the mafia used


Athens Greece

Carl Litzkow and I in skid goofing off in bomb skid

Carl Litzkow holding down a practice bomb


Athens, Greece

Beer party on beach


Me behind statue that lost his head

Lounging in Coffee Locker, me 2nd from left


Me in back 3rd from left


Beach party, me front row 3rd from left

In coffee locker

Lazy day at sea

6 armed sea monster

EM Club Guantanamo Bay Cuba, I have scarf on head

Our bedroom, Not very roomy, I had a top bunk.

Taking a dip in a pool

Loading bombs and Rockets on planes


Naples Italy EM Club, me 2nd from left




Beside my bomb elevator, 1st on left

Cannes, France

 Me on Cannes France beach having a cool one.

Cannes beach

Cannes Beach girls ready for bed




My home for 3 years

EM club  Naples Italy having a drink, 1st on left

Phil Lundgren and Me

A3ed's and A4d lined up on flight deck

Flight deck of the USS Tarawa CVS-40

Taking on food stores, I am on the very end of the second row back on left

Beach beer party

Carl Litzkow, Phil Lundgren and Bill Morgan

Loading bombs and rockets, I am lookin down at the deck

Phil Lundgren

Me and Paul Waters

Local ladies

Carl in front of the leaning tower of Pisa


John "Red" Redus and Carl Litzkow

Boxing match

Beach Party, Red standing

replenishment at sea

Making rockets ready to load on planes

Rusty Rosey

USS Tarawa CVS 40 The first ship I was on until they decommissioned her in Quanset Point Rhode Island

USS Tarawa, CVS 40

Carl Litzkow, Red Redus and R. L. Naylor



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