Bill & Nancy's Family Pictures


Billy Morgan taken in Daytona Beach 1940's                                                                                    Billy Jr. on Park Dr. in Daytona Beach, Fla. with uncles bicycle



Bill Sr. & Polly Nickell Morgan with son's Steve and Billy Jr.                                                               My Mom Polly's Dad born in Gassaway, WV



  Steve Morgan, Carol Ann Doan and Bill Morgan Jr.                                                               Our Grandmothers, Lillie Lemacks Morgan & Myrtle Bibb Nickell Davis
                A thorn between 2 Roses

Myrtle Evelyn Bibb Nickell Davis, Mildred Nickell Smith Way, Bill Morgan Sr. and Jane Lucille Piper at Bill & Jane's Wedding September 27, 1975 in Jacksonville, Fla.


            We visited the Andersonville Prison museum in Andersonville, Ga. Civil War prison camp.    Well House.


        My cousin Claude "Duke" Morgan Jr. shoveling snow in Oregon                                                    Me and my Son Ron at the Port Orange Causeway

My cousin Darlene Lewis and Nancy at the deLeon Springs Park Dreggors Reunion                                                               Christy, Devon, Sean and me.
Bill Dreggors sitting in background


  Lois Nickell Graycar on left with her kids, grandkids & gr-grandkids                                        Gary Graycar's Oldsmobile, he is standing in rear with glasses in picture on left

My cousin Laura Hizer with daughter Kirsten, They live in Missouri                                                        Kirsten is quite a dancer
Laura is at table in picture above


                            The Hizer clan in Fort Worth, Tx                                                                        Brae Winn, Cathi and Russ Winn's oldest


        Morgan Winn, Cathi & Russ's Middle daughter & Russ                                                                       Catie-Lyn, Cathi and Russ's Youngest

                    Russ, Cathi and Brae Winn                                                                                        Bonna, & Ray Morgan with daughter Cathi Winn

                    My son Ron and I at Darrell and Robin's house                                                    My uncle Ray Morgan and his wife Bonna


        After a long day 10 1/2 lb bass, Caught at mouth of Lake George                                                 Bill, Steve & Carol Ann

Coots I shot at Shiloh near the Cape

                                                                 20 pound Catfish caught in St. John's river near Jungle Den



I am 2nd from left in the back row, Made All Star 1951                                                                                                Been fishing at Ponce Inlet


Me and my baby sister Carol Ann Morgan                                                                                            Installing ham antenna in back yard in South Daytona